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The 2nd Bout is in the works.

The second episode of Retro Rampage is in the works, which will be focusing on games that make you want to just slide your window open, and hurl your NES out of it.  Games that make your skin turn red, your blood boil, and lead to broken controllers.  These are games that just thinking about them can inspire rage - games that when you bring up to your gaming friends, they respond with “THAT fucking game!”  Episode 2 will be… Games That Made The Children Of The 80’s And 90’s Grow Up Into Sarcastic Nihilists With Low Expectations.  Or something like that.

Welcome Rampagers!

This is the official home of the Retro Rampage Podcast - 4 well-versed players of old school games discussing the key topics pertaining to all things Retro Gaming.  Episode 1 is on the way, but for now we’d like to say hello, welcome, and to let you know that it’s dangerous to go alone, take this.

Episode 1 will consist of introductions from all of us, and a general overview of the retro gaming world, but we don’t want to give too much away, so stay tuned for Episode 1!

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